Did you know you can make a Plevin PPI claim for undisclosed commission on Payment Protection Insurance policies? We can help!

What is PPI Plevin?

Plevin refers to a supreme court ruling which said banks must pay back undisclosed commission received on PPI products they’ve sold. This followed a case brought by Mrs Susan Plevin against Paragon Personal Finance in 2014. She said they mis-sold her a PPI policy because they failed to disclose the high amount of commission - 71% - when she purchased a loan from them. She won the case and a refund.
As a result, the court ruled that millions of other customers should be refunded on the same basis.

What is PPI Plevin?

If you:
  • Purchased a PPI policy
  • Had a partial refund or your mis-selling claim was rejected
  • Weren’t told about the commission at the point of sale
You could be eligible to claim back thousands. We can help

Is there a deadline to make a claim?

No, this is different to PPI claims where the deadline was August 2019, and there is no set timeframe for how long it takes to make a claim. Another difference is that can’t make a claim yourself. You need a solicitor to do it on your behalf.
We can help.

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