Disrepair covers you if you’ve suffered from poor housing conditions that have caused distress, inconvenience or health problems. We can help!

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation Act) makes repairs to rented properties contractual. This means that tenants can make a housing disrepair claim if landlords don’t carry out repairs within a reasonable amount of time. This applies to all properties, whether they be private, council-owned or housing association.
Reasons a property can be classed as uninhabitable include:
  • Serious damp or mould
  • Being too hot, cold or poorly ventilated
  • Too many people living in it
  • Infestation of pests such as rats or cockroaches
  • No safe water supply, or no running water or heating
  • Structural cracks
You should never have to put up with living conditions that aren’t fit for human habitation. If you have consistently asked for repairs to be carried out, and they haven’t been, then you’re entitled to make a house disrepair claim.
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Plevin refers to the ruling of a Supreme Court decision from 2014 in relation to an undisclosed commission. We can help!


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It is common in the presence of a broker, for a commission to be paid by the lender. We can help!