If you’ve been sold a product by a broker and they’ve been paid a ‘hidden’ commission by the lender, you may be entitled to compensation. We can help!

It’s common for a broker or financial adviser to receive commission for recommending a lender’s product, such as a mortgage or loan. However, if you’re taking advice from an independent broker or adviser, then you should be told about the commission, and how much it is. That’s because the advice is supposed to be impartial.
Undisclosed, or hidden commissions are also known as secret or half secret commissions.

What is a secret commission?

This is a payment made to an adviser or broker to influence them into recommending their client to enter into a transaction with the provider, where the client is not aware that the payment of commission has been made.

What is a half-secret commission?

This is where the existence of the commission is disclosed but not the amount.

What can I claim for?

You make a claim for the amount of money it would take to put you back to where you would have been if you hadn’t taken out the product recommended, including fees and interest paid.
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Plevin refers to the ruling of a Supreme Court decision from 2014 in relation to an undisclosed commission. We can help!


Mortgages are the most important financial commitment of our lives, make sure yours hasn’t been mis-sold. We can help!


Any financial product that is reliant on advice is open to abuse, your pension is no different. We can help!


Disrepair covers if you have suffered from poor housing conditions that have caused distress, inconvenience or health problems. We can help!