LegalTech is set to completely disrupt how legal services are delivered worldwide. Bespoke, purpose-built software can allow law firms to streamline legal processes, enabling them to offer a more efficient service, and subsequently provide better value for money to consumers.
The opportunities for a dynamic funding proposition are considerable. However, existing funding models present inherent structural challenges. To deploy funds into a growing legal sector is relatively easy, but in order to manage risk and develop a profitable model, there are obstacles to overcome:
Maximisation of income balanced with risk management to ensure return of capital. This is the key philosophy driving our proposition.

What is our Solution?

Our approach is unique.
Our interests are aligned with those of funders, and we are involved in the whole process:
The monitoring, the transparency will foster the alignment of interest. Everyone’s rewards are based upon the same conditions.

Our Proposal

CTA’s proposal is the creation of an end-to-end legal system in which we will provide visibility, control and real-time monitoring over every aspect of the case – a platform in which every component of a case is integrated:
What do we offer to the panel firm?

What are we trying to achieve?

We are seeking to bring together the different parties within the legal ecosystem into a unified, singular platform. This will increase the efficiency of solicitors, making larger caseloads more manageable, resulting in greater output. This increased output of cases effectively neutralises the apparent decrease in the solicitor’s income due to our fees.

Working with CTA

CTA is all about efficiently generating and executing cases. It does this, while managing risk, by:

The Key Advantages of CTA

Case Acquisition

Our case acquisition work may be conducted through individual solicitors who are permitted to undertake this activity as they are an exempt provider under the FCA’s regime. Please see our disclaimer on the footer.

Rapid cash recycling

Portfolio Diversification

Competitive Advantage

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