Legal Tech

LegalTech is set to completely disrupt how legal services are delivered worldwide.
CTA has a great deal of legal tech at its disposal. Our OCR software is able to scan DSAR’s for key words such as ‘‘PPI’’ and ‘’upheld’’ which significantly improves our efficiency.
Our Legal Tech is bespoke, it is purpose built for Plevin. The scientific calculation we use is based on the tipping point letter breakdown, it models the clients account to come up with the claim figure. It has allowed the business to produce the most accurate figures when it comes to the value of the claim.
Our Content Management System (CMS) was built in house by our Chief Operating Officer, Chris McCrudden. Again, it has been purpose built for Plevin and Case to Answer’s workflows and processes. The Audit Tool created by Simon Fenna calculates the redress entitled to the client putting them back in the financial position they would have been in had they never taken out the PPI policy. The tool removes all the effects of the PPI, i.e. interest and associated fees. It has been built into the CMS which records and stores all the information and documentation relating to our clients. As the CMS is purpose built, every feature is tailored to Case to Answer, this makes it easy to navigate and is extremely secure for GDPR compliance.
We can’t give away all of our secrets, but these tools are just another example of the legal tech Case to Answer has developed to improve accuracy and efficiency.
Legal Tech, now more than ever has completely transformed the way in which legal services are delivered worldwide.


Cases acquired through multiple channels and can be matched with appropriate law firms.

cash recycling

Capital is employed for a relatively short timeframe in each case. Deployed capital can be re-used many times.

Portfolio Diversification

Many different case types can be handled with a balanced ‘Risk vs Reward’ profile.


Rules mean that legal fees must be appropriate to the amount likely to be recovered. making low ticket claims easier to pursue where there are significant economies of scale.