Case to Answer Limited was developed over the last few years as part of research and testing by Lawthority Limited. Case to Answer (CTA) is part of a larger group of businesses that work together to create an end to end solution.
Creating an end to end legal ecosystem has been the ambition of our Board of Directors for over a decade. During 2019 we successfully proved concept and we now have access to cases, funders, ATE providers and robust technology to underpin the movement of those cases and the relevant data – we now have a legal ecosystem powered by experts.
We have initially focused on financial litigation; Plevin, Mortgages, Pensions and Investments. However, the list of products and services currently being tested by our R & D function is long and continuously evolving.
We have created a large panel of introducer firms that have hundreds of thousands of clients cases that require investigation. Within our group of partner businesses there are specialists in key areas, including; funding, tech, report writing and case processing. The full process is overseen by Lawthority Limited and their experienced Board of Directors.
CTA is the conduit between Introducer & Panel Law Firm; enabling smooth and efficient movement of high quality litigation ready cases and providing each of our partners with a full funding, training and support package.
We are an experienced group of professionals, some of whom are legally qualified, some of whom are not who assist law firms and claims management companies develop their systems, processes and procedures to access expert evidence and niche expertise to assist them in their delivery to the consumer market.
We are not a consumer brand, nor do we offer any reserved legal activities or claims management activities or financial promotions and we offer no services direct to claimants.
We are the advisors to the advisors community.

What we don’t do

We are a service provider to law firms and claims managements companies authorised by the FCA. We do not act for individual claimants or consumers and we do not provide claims managements activities or case acquisitions as Case To Answer Limited.
Our individual solicitors, who are exempt from the FCA regime, may pass on suitable cases to third parties, as is permitted by the regulatory regime.
Our core business is supporting law firms and claims management companies, nothing within this website is intended to convey any consumer or claimant access to services and if you are a consumer or prospective claimant seeking legal representation we invite you to seek to contact another organisation, given that it is not work we undertake.
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