CTA’s directors provide a broad range of expertise including financial mis-selling litigation, CMC’s, finance and financial services, governance, accounting, fintech, and case origination. Xavier Rodriguez (the founder of CTA), Gerard Reilly (a legal director and a practicing solicitor with vast experience in consumer credit and financial mis-selling litigation), and Andy Lang (responsible for origination and business development, having previously worked for 7 years at a large CMC), form CTA’s Board of Directors and are the sole individual shareholders of CTA alongside Lawthority.

Xavier Rodriguez

Managing Director

Xavier has worked in the legal sector and in financial services for more than 15 years. He has a wealth of experience in developing new business models for the legal sector and successfully implementing the processes, teams and relationships required to both acquire the volume of cases needed and to deliver (cost) effective management from start to finish.
He has created campaigns to generate and run unenforceable credit agreement and financial irregularities cases. He will take responsibility for business development, including case acquisition, and for process design and implementation.
He is also the founder and managing director of Case To Answer Ltd

Andy Lang


Andy has worked within Financial Services for just under 20 years; including roles at Blemain Finance, Welcome Finance and Ocean Finance. In 2005, Andy became a Mortgage Adviser working within Think Loans & Mortgages (later became Ocean Finance). Following the financial crash in 2008/09 Andy moved in to the debt advice part of Think Money Group and spent several years there providing advice on informal and formal debt solutions.

In 2012, Andy joined a large CMC and operated as the Head of Business Development. Andy was then responsible for around 150 employees as well as the development of several new businesses within the group.

In 2019, Andy worked alongside Xavier on a number of projects and this culminated in the launch of Case To Answer Limited, of which Andy is a founding Director.

Gerard Reilly

Legal Director

Gerard is a qualified solicitor with experience in litigation on financial mis-selling, he also has experience in Professional Negligence and Construction disputes.
Gerard has run large volume of financial irregularity work in form of the bank charges claims and PPI and his firm Allison & Reilly were handling over 20,000 claims. The firm operated two offices with a staff in excess of 70 and a turnover in excess of £2.5 million yearly.
He also has vast experience on regulatory matters acting for solicitors on SRA disciplinary matters.
He became a partner in the firm BMD Law in 2015 where he holds the position of COLP and COFA.

Anthony Martin

Operations Manager

Anthony has over 20 years experience working in sales with the last 12 years being in management positions. Anthony started his career in the communications industry working for both BT and Vodafone before moving into the financial services sector with Gladstone Brookes, working specifically in reclaims including PPI. Whilst at Gladstone Brookes Anthony worked initially as a sales coach developing and implementing a coaching, feedback and development framework for a sales department of 60+ staff. Anthony was then tasked with growing Gladstone Brookes Debt advice offering and ultimately growing that department up to a team of 45 offering 5 different products in an FCA regulated environment.
Alongside Andy Lang, Anthony developed a Payday loan reclaim offering from inception to realisation leading to the handling of over 2000 cases per month. In addition to the development of new initiatives, Anthony also oversaw the maximisation of key metrics with PPI and PBA reclaims generating over 25,000 cases per month.

Tom Mayor

Sofia Mononen

Sally Speakman

Casim Khan