A culture is a way of doing things. It’s a shared vision and a way of life. A business without a culture is just a group of strangers sat in the same building.
A business without a culture constantly battles for consistency. A business without a culture feels cold. It lacks direction. It has no soul.
A business with a culture is Powerful. Vibrant. Focused. A business with a culture has Heart, Soul and Passion. A business with a culture has a Shared Vision. It has a United Front. It has Expectations. People enjoy being there. People feel Challenged. Motivated. Inspired. Influenced.
A business with a culture creates Consistency & Opportunity.
A business with a culture is a completely different animal.
Our Culture is built upon our Values.
When we recruit new people into our team we focus in on who they are as individuals and if they demonstrate some or all of our values naturally.
Our Values are;


We understand that the legal sector can seem daunting to some people, particularly those that have been unfairly treated by institutions before. We want every single person, regardless of their background or expertise, to feel comfortable talking to us about their situation and how we can help.


Regardless of who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about, if somebody can “keep it simple”, that shows they know what they’re talking about. Here at CTA we certainly know what we’re talking about when it comes to our services. We strive to make every interaction with our clients and partners simple and straight forward.


The expectation of honesty means you have to be clear about everything with everyone. That sends a message of trust and creates an environment of transparency, another vital element in our company.


We are leaders in our field and one of the most dynamic and resourceful players in the financial litigation industry. We are constantly looking for new innovative ideas and technological advances To make customers’ lives easier. We are committed to recruiting the best people and focused on developing and growing our talent so that we can continue to advance and evolve.
A Company Mission Statement should describe what a business wants to achieve. It should be at the centre of every discussion and decision…
Our Mission is simple, powerful and clear.
Our Mission is…
To make Legal Advice Simple and Accessible
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